zondag 6 oktober 2013

Dear Laura. On your advice I attended EdCampNL

Een deel van de mail die ik in mijn "Steenkolen Engels" stuurde naar Laura Thomas,
onze samenwerkpartner en directrice School for Renewal, Antioch University, USA.
Ter geruststelling: we begrijpen elkaar altijd :)

Dear Laura,


On your advice, I attended EdCampNL.

It was really amazing! I met many wonderful teachers and learned a lot about wonderful and meaningful education in the Netherlands. It has enriched me!

It was really a fantastic day.
So, thank you again and now I want to tell you something about the day...

A few teachers wanted to know more about “A tone of decency and trust” vs Community Building. Thanks to the EdCamp-concept, I immediately could comply.

A few teachers of schools who work with the Werkconcept Critical Skills NL (www.criticalskills.nl ) also had a lot of attention for their presentation.

They told their colleagues about their experiences with Challenges, Full Value Contract and Community Builders.

There are already several of their colleagues, students and teachers of the Academy for training teachers who will come in a short time to take a look and talk ..!
You notice that the ideas of the Werkconcept Critical Skills in the Netherlands are increasingly valued.

At the moment I have also another question.
Are there experiences with community building and community builders to students. Young adults aged 18 years and older?

This is a question of one of the participants of my presentation.
I'm curious.

I hope to hear from you.
Best wishes,

De pictures of EdCampNL
(met in de Scoopit de tweet die ik van Laura terug kreeg:

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